About MCi Architecture

Our Mission...

” To enhance your living quality through sustainably designed architecture that will harmonise with the environment “

The Design Team - Who's Involved...

Each project’s design & construction requirements vary and may require specialist consultants.

Single-family Residences & Extensions usually only need Architectural and limited Structural Engineering Services.

Larger Projects may require Civil and Mechanical Engineers as part of the Architect-led Design Team.

We’ve also included Heritage and Ecology Specialists when required.

Our Core Values...

The Architect,
Robert C. McConnell


Rob started in Architecture at the age of 15 as a architectural draughtsman while finishing Secondary School.

He graduated from Virginia Tech as Bachelor of Architecture (Hons)

He has numerous projects in Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany, USA, and Mexico with a career spanning over 40 years.

MCi is a Registered Architectural Practice with :

Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland

American Institute of Architects

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